As a child of the age of change I should be well equipped for the the Biggest Change of all, the radical warming of our habitat which will make it a much harder place for us to live in.

However, dealing with change is not something we learn at school or even from our parents, not even in the age of change.

For 25 years I have been a student of change, both in my personal life as well as in my entrepreneurship. As a content writer for small businesses and financial manager for cultural organizations I sought to bring change to those entrepreneurs. Facilitate that next step of marketing or financial maturity in order for their gifts to make a bigger impact on the world.

In the beginning of 2018 the most interesting enquiry yet popped into my head. How (the hell) does a process of creation actually work?

The word creation can mean anything. We all want to create what we want to create, in business and life. A new business or product or service, a work of art, a relationship, a change project, a life or health or sound finances.

How does a process of creation actually work?

By asking this question I was baffled to realize I didn’t know! At least not consciously. In some areas of my life I was a successful creator, and in some areas I wasn’t.

I set out to turn this unconscious competence into a conscious skill and become an overall competent creator. For a year I researched this question. By reading, thinking, looking at my past life and most importantly, putting into practise what I learned and learning about what I was putting into practise at the same time.

I found out I knew a lot about succefull creating already. However, I didn’t have the overall structure of the mechanics clearly in view. And I was missing some bits and pieces.

While honing my skills at successful creating the focus inward blended into an outward focus. It is unbelievable, I realized, that we are not taught how to create successfully when we grow up. It is in my eyes the most essential skill a human being can have, in order to built a good life for one self and together with others built a good life for all of us. A good life which we can pass on to many generations to come.

Being a successful creator is at the root of being able to built a good life that we can pass on the next generations.

So, that’s what I set out to do. Become a successful creator and … pay it forward.

After my year of personal studies I started on a two year course to get certified as a Structural Consultant (by Robert Fritz). A structural consultant consults with both individuals as businesses. She facilitates them in a process to step out of a structure of strugglesome and (mostly) unsuccessful creation and into a structure of successful creation.

Learning about this totally satisfies the wish I have while creating authentic and attractive content for entrepreneurs and sound financial structures for non-profits, only much deeper. I wish to be of service to a world in the midst of a change crisis of a magnitude it has never experienced before. Through facilitating entrepreneurs, educators, climate activists and system redesigners and other original thinkiners and doers stepping up to creating a sustainable world and life that we can pass on to our children.

Sustainable means that it can sustain itself. Passing it on to our children means that there is something worth passing on. Pretty solid framework to base our decisions on. Or so it seems to me.

Want to be my practise client?

While learning to be certified as a structural consultant I do a lot of practise work for which I don’t charge any money yet. If you wish to take advantage of that both for your business or organization or personal life, let me know.

Of course, I speak fluent Dutch and will work with you in Dutch if you are from my country. I choose the English language for most of my communications since I have an international network to go with my international ambitions and writing everything twice is a lot of work.


Here is my Curriculum Vitae on LinkedIn.

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