I have been wanting to go palm oil free for a long time and now I decided to go for it.

The tricky part, as I suspected, is not changing what I eat and buy, but getting this decision into my system. Remember to check my groceries for palm products. Set my mind to it so it can become a habit.

Over the last weeks since I decided to do this, I have remembered twice to check my groceries while in the supermarket. On one occasion it made me not buy a certain gravy powder but pick another brand.

Then I did a check through my stock closet the other day and am happy to report that I only found 1 item there that I won’t be buying anymore because of it being made with palm oil. It is the bospaddenstoelen-bouillon blokjes van de Albert Heijn.

As I thought it would, this won’t be a very difficult project for me with lots of sacrifice. My eating motto is already ‘if you can pronounce it, it is safe to eat’ and I eat organic as far as I can afford it. But since I did not thoroughly check my groceries I can’t tell other people how easy it is to go palm oil free. And that’s what I want to be able to do.

Palm oil is in everything, but only in preprocessed foods. So if you don’t eat that, or not much of it, you are mostly good.

In case you are still reading and don’t know why you should go palm oil free immediately, it is because lots of rainforest is cut for the benefit of growing palms that needs to satisfy our westerners need for its oil. When we cut down the rainforests, we starkly increase global heating and the climate crisis.