A friend of mine told me she felt her ‘care muscles’, which tend to often be stronger in women than in men, start to relax, be less active. This expressed itself for instance in not caring as much anymore whether she did or didn’t please another one by certain behaviour. She explained this to me as being logically explicable by the level of estrogen hormones (oestrogeen) lessening during menopause, hormones which make us be caring and nurturing. This actually made her feel more independent and she came to enjoy it. She also told me her body didn’t produce much fluid anymore during arousal and she lost (sexual) sensitivity in her breasts.

I thought it to be very interesting to be shown an example of the influence of hormones on our behaviours. Of course this is part of the nurture or nature debate and I don’t claim to be well versed in it. However, I kind of look forward to not thinking about others first and myself second anymore. 😊