The other day I asked a woman, whom I only had met once before, if she would want to share with me some of her story of menopause. And she did.

Her story was rather uncommon. Her body had went into menopause quite rapidly and very early, when she was 40 years old. She thinks this might have something to do with the fact that she had had to take hormones for some many years in order to try for pregnancy with her partner whose sperm was not really good. So for her there had been no symptoms, good or bad. Just the end result. However, I learned from her that if a woman goes into menopause at an early age and she has a low body mass her body has a higher risk to develop osteoporosis (osteoporose – sterke afname van botsterkte). Oestrogen (oestrogeen) keeps our bones strong. Menopause normally is not a risk factor in getting osteoporosis. Just in her specific case. Menopause very early, very suddenly and within a body with low body mass.

(btw: I am not a medical profesional, nor is this woman, so if I got anything wrong here, let me know)