Here is a story from a person who is now in her early seventies. She felt it her duty to tell me her story in case I would experience something similar and so I wouldn’t be as freaked out as she had been at the time.

She experienced a lot of hot flushes (opvliegers) during her menopause and some emotional uproar as well. After a while she noticed a peculiar causality. She would experience a minute of sheer depression, feeling like nothing would ever be right again, really, really intense. And then a hot flush would follow, making she drops of sweat drip from her face. She was glad to find the link between those two because at first she was really worried about this intense emotional instability. She involuntarily lengthened these emotional episodes by the horror and worry it caused her about losing her sanity. But after she found out the link between the two she managed to simply wait it out and not jump to any conclusions. She told me that this moments could occur multiple times a day sometimes.