Creating a new business, or a good relationship, adapting to covid induced changes to our lives and organisations, whether it is in business or in our personal lives, creating is a piece of cake, right?

  1. You decide where you want to go
  2. You assess where you are in relation to that goal
  3. You create a plan to get from A to B
  4. And then you execute the plan, while adapting to changes

If it is this simple, why then is it often not easy at all?

The body of work called Structural Dynamics has a bunch of tools and practises to remove the fog and design and implement change where we want it.

It is true magic work, only without the magic.

I guess that’s why I love it. It bypasses the countless success formula’s, the endless mindset changes that people say are required, the need to adopt the right belief system or the latest Change Management hype.

It cleans up our act, reconnects us with reality, our vision and our values. Puts us back behind the steering wheel while at the same time giving us the role of adventurer, finding our way as we go, fluently adapting to change. This goes for big companies, entrepreneurs and individuals in work and life.

Structural dynamics translates into three offerings.

  1. Design the easiest way to your goal, for businesses and entrepreneurs
  2. Personal sessions for individuals with a topic they want clarity about
  3. Digital Decison Making sessions for everyone who needs to make a choice, now and wants to be totally clear about it.


Design the easiest way to your goal – skills for change

In this work I bring entrepreneurs and organisational teams along in a process that ends in razor sharp clarity and intrinsic motivation for action.

Through a series of steps we design the easiest way to your business goal, using the principles of structural tension. Read more about the work and what other people think of it.

For Individuals

An exploration of a topic that you want clarity about

Sometimes people find themselves unable to effectively create. They block as soon as it gets serious, they postpone, postpone and then postpone some more. Or they keep arguing with the one person they would love to create a life with. Or feel simply too insecure in order to put themselves out there with whatever it is they would love to show up with.

We explore whatever topic the client brings in. The aim is razor sharp clarity in reality and a change in underlying structure in your thinking, which then can create different outcomes. Read more about the work and what other people think of it.

Digital Decision Making

Robert Fritz created this beautiful little elegant process for making a decision in something like half an hour. It is based on getting clear about the hierarchy of your values, what matters most to you. I get to share the joy and relief when people make clear choices about things that they sometimes have thought about for years. Here is more about how Digital Decision Making works.

Reality is a creators best friend

Structural Consulting is a very clean process. We work with one thing only and that is reality. My job is to help you remove the fog that clouds your view on reality. This goes both for organisational teams and entrepreneurs as well as for people with a personal topic. Reality is like a language that you can become fluent in. And being fluent in reality is simply the very best basis for creating your vision in life or business.

Reality is that which is still there when you stop believing in it. It doesn’t have anything to do with Truth (with a capital T) or with subjective perception which can make two people look at the same thing and not see the same thing. Reality is simply what is.

We humans have a tendency to make things complicated. We add models and concepts and theories and formula’s. I prefer stripping things down to their bare bones, so that we can clearly see what we are dealing with, make well informed choices and enjoy the ease of simple and clean. Because we humans have another tendency. We tend to want to create. Create an inspiring business which pays our bills, create fruitful relationships, create health or a better world. Humans are makers. We can’t help but create. And sometimes it’s mess, misery and exercises in frustration that we create. Without wanting to. Reality is the friend you need to channel all your energy into creating what you do want.