Design the easiest way to your goal

Skills for change – in business

In this work I bring entrepreneurs and organisational teams along in a process that ends in razor sharp clarity and intrinsic motivation for action.

Through a series of steps we design the easiest way to your business goal, using the principles of structural tension.

Together we become fluent in your aspirations and current reality and the action plan kind of falls out of the difference between the two. Very satisfying work, both for me and for you. Once you have created your business strategy, I keep walking with you while you encounter changes along the way because I want you to become highly skilled in adapting to change.

Structural Dynamics is also called Structural Thinking. That’s because it doesn’t use any models. It is based on the one thing that everybody already has : the capacity to think (without getting into your head). The work primes you thinking skills in a way that you will benefit from for all the future creations you wish to pursue.

I often call it the perfect marriage between clear thinking and intuition, or being the conscious creator while also being an adventures. It is a way of putting all of ourselves to the best of use in the pursuit of our goals.

For teams it is extra important to be on the same page together. In our strategic sessions we will make sure everyone knows what you all are working towards and how to do it. Be ready for the joy of co-creating to expand to new levels!

Group training for solo entrepreneurs

For solo entrepreneurs I have a special offering in which you will work towards razor sharp clarity in a group setting. You will be able to learn from your fellow creators for change and inspire each other. Ready for some Skills for Change?

What other people say about this work

Working with you over the last four months has indeed been very helpful – to our business advisory firm as well as to me, personally.

The clarity of direction and the insights that emerged for immediate action, with committed timelines aligned & energised both Zahira & me.

We are now sharply focused on realising the best possible outcomes for White Spaces, mainly thanks to:

  • your meticulous pre-work for our follow-through sessions,
  • your non-judgemental listening & playback during sessions, and
  • cross-checks for consistency & completeness you mindfully ran before wrap-up.

We are grateful for your guidance and support in this crucial journey.
Jyotirmoy Bose and Zahira Crasta – Founder and consultants at White Spaces consulting – India

I am grateful to have walked through the Structural tension Charting process with Leonie at such an early stage in starting up as an entrepreneur. Now I have a super base to work with.
Vision, values, talents and resources have been mapped and at the same time I have a practical action plan. It gives me a safe feeling in the midst of starting this new thing. Thank a lot!
Sarah Licher-Severs – NL (participant in the group training Skills for Change)

” I want to say thank you a whole bunch for being a wonderful support and offering your skills towards my vision to bring this beautiful organisation into existence. I did more work on my chart this weekend and feeling really great and more affirmed about what is ahead. And current reality is feeling way less of a barrier and more of “it just is what it is” and here’s a way to work from or around that to still propel forward. I appreciate you lots.”
Misty Wilson – USA, is building an organisation which gives disadvantaged people a second chance, while having a full time job and two teen kids to raise alone

“I am really happy with this. I have the feeling it’s effortless now. I know it’s not, I work hard but the struggle around it is gone. It even gives me energy now. At first I tended to squeeze myself into the mall of my plan and consider it a failure if I had not done a certain action step. Now I know I can and must always adapt my plan to me, to what is realistic and desired by me in the new moment. Because of this I actually reached my goal faster!”
Ilse Vinck – NL – she built, in three months, a new (enjoyable) client group while keeping a steady income, while also being a new single mom of two small ones

“I am an efficient creator now. It still blows my mind sometimes because for years I have struggled with taking my entrepreneurship in another direction. I did everything ‘right’ back then. Gave it priority time-wise, was fully committed, read the ‘right’ books and did the ‘right’ online courses, bought the software, all that. Yet I lost motivation every single time. I had decided I was not equipped for working with goals. In hindsight, my blind spot was seeing reality clearly. In working with charting  I became very capable of adapting to change and leaving behind that this was about me. And I became clearer and clearer about my current reality and the reality of what I wanted to create and thus the distance between the two. Now of course I still have set backs but overall I steadily move towards my goal. And even though not every moment is enjoyable and it’s very hard work I love the process.”
Anne Roger – NL – is half way in a 3 year goal, while being a single mother of a teen and being the sole breadwinner

Digital Decision Making

Do you have some decisions to make and are you ready to be be decided and spend your time on executing from that decisiveness? Then let me walk you through a process which will end with you being fully decided in 15 to 30 minutes.

Digital Decision Making seems almost magical to people I work with but it actually is not. All we do is create clarity around the hierarchy of the elements that are part of your choice. At the end of the process I can tell you what you are going to decide, it has become that obvious.

We could also call it Value Based Decision Making because that’s what it does: it creates insight into what is most important to you. Weighing pro’s and cons unfortunately does not do the trick or it takes forever and takes up brain space while you walk around with the unmade choice in the back of your head. Let’s get it over with, ok?

What other people say about Digital Decision Making

I find it stunning. I realise slowly how astonishing it is to find out, wow, this factor is really not a factor, and this one is very important indeed. Glad you took the time after the decision. You showed a lot of skill to ‘massage’ me a bit and help me land in the decision.
Karen Gerritsen – Option Support

At first it felt rather rational. But during the process the slight slowly went on in my brain and I started to see what mattered most to me in the situation. I was very surprised to get such clear result because my decision was rather complex. And in such a short time span! Clarity and efficiency is what I got. Very valuable.
Estée Makampo

After this process I have more clarity about the factors of my decision and what’s important for me. It is nice to makes things really clear.

I got insight into why it is difficult for me to make decisions. This was confronting and even though I knew this about myself, it was useful to see it confirmed.

By sharing about the elements of my decision, she could ask me questions and then tell me the results. And this was the decision I indeed am going to make.