Do you have a decision to make and are you ready to be be decided and spend your time acting from that decisiveness instead of doubting? Then let me walk you through a process which will end with you being fully decided in half an hour.

Yeah, I know. That sounds pretty impossible if you have been thinking about what choice to make for weeks, months or even years.

However, it really is that fast. And true. To your values.

Digital Decision Making seems almost magical to people I work with but it actually is not. All we do is create clarity around the hierarchy of the elements that are part of your choice. At the end of the process I can tell you what you are going to decide, it has become that obvious.

We could also call it Value Based Decision Making because that’s what it does: it creates insight into what is most important to you. Weighing pro’s and cons unfortunately does not do the trick or it takes forever and takes up brain space while you walk around with the unmade choice in the back of your head. Let’s get it over with, ok?

The process is designed by Robert Fritz whose body of work called Structural Dynamics is all about creating what matters most to us. And to be an effective creator, clarity is the thing you need. And you need it on 3 frontlines: 1. Clarity about your vision or goal. 2. Clarity about the reality you are dealing with. 3. Clarity around what matters most to you.

If you have these 3 you have the very best chances of creating what you want to create, both in business and in our personal lives.

All his work is without competition when it comes down to creating clarity. Digital Decision Making bussies itself with the 3rd frontline: creating clarity around what matters most to you.

It is a truly amazing, clean little process.

Apart from that, it is wonderful to facilitate. In front of my eyes people have weights lifted from their shoulders or are finally decided to step into a totally different direction. It is an honour to witness and be part of.

What other people say about Digital Decision Making

I find it stunning. I realise slowly how astonishing it is to find out, wow, this factor is really not a factor, and this one is very important indeed. Also glad you took the time after the decision. You showed a lot of skill in helping me land in the decision I made.
Karen Gerritsen – Option Support

It was really cool working with you Leonie! At first it felt rather rational. But during the process the light slowly went on in my brain and I started to see what mattered most to me in the situation. I was very surprised to get such a clear result because my decision was rather complex. And in such a short time! Clarity and efficiency is what I got. Very valuable.
Estée Makampo

Digital Decision Making showed me the way of my desire. It was really good working with Leonie. She was able to take the chaos in my head and put it on nice clear stacks. Analysing something in a digital way skips limiting convictions and goes straight into a deeper knowing. I am looking forward to our follow up work!
Mariëtte Botman – Praktijk voor Healing Massage

Together with Leonie and the Digital Decision Making process I became clear about a choice I had been carrying around with me for a long time. Leonie’s firm and clear questioning put all the factors that played a part in a structure. Because of this I could feel very thoroughly which factors were really important and what were the most essential conditions. Now I have made my decision, can let go of of earlier considerations and enjoy the gift of my choice: a new life ..
Wendy Meij – Puurmeij coaching met paarden

Leonie is sharp, flexible and very much to the point. I do a lot by gut feeling and the more rationale approach of this method brought me lots of clarity. Certain points of doubt that I had were brought back to the core of the matter which made it a lot easier to yes or no to them. I recommend her!
Bas Roeleveld – systemic coach

It was very educational to stop and look at a decision like this. I discovered what the choice means for me and what is most important to me. I know enough now to easier make the decision when it comes. I liked the way you worked with me. Listening and pro-active but always bringing the conversation back to the essence of the choice. In that way I could speak freely but it also was efficient and productive.

I experienced my session as very clarifying. It showed me where the pain was and what mattered most to me. Leonie is calm and explain it well and because I was rather clear about the decision and the factors the process went very rapidly.

By her way of questioning we took stock of everything that I was undecided about before. We ended up with clear insight. Very grateful for the clarification.

I got insight into why it is difficult for me to make decisions. This was confronting and even though I knew this about myself, it was useful to see it confirmed.

By sharing about the elements of my decision, she could ask me questions and then tell me the results. And this was the decision I indeed am going to make.