Structural thinking – personal sessions

Sometimes people find themselves unable to effectively create. They block as soon as it gets serious, they postpone, postpone and then postpone some more. Or they keep arguing with the one person they would love to create a life with. Or feel simply too insecure to put themselves out there with whatever it is they would love to show up with.

These personal sessions are a deep dive into the clients thinking around the topic they bring in. Often I hear, mostly Dutch, clients complain about their own topic with words like this: I understand it with my head but I can’t feel it.


This is an interesting catch 22! And ..structural consulting goes beyond that catch. It explores reality and the parts of it that we subconsciously have hidden from ourselves. You know, reality. That thing that doesn’t disappear once we stop believing in it. Not your truth, my truth, but reality: there is a tree in front of my house, I have two different colour eyes (I do!), I love to write and I tend to not like being in groups as much as I like one on one’s.

There are structures in our thinking that we are unaware of but that drive our behaviour. Some lead us to where we want to go, others do the exact opposite. Together we will explore the unwanted outcome that keeps being recreated in your life and if a structure is there, we will see it. The next thing we do is make you become so fluent in the reality of the counterproductive structure, that it will clean up your act. Thoroughly. New outcomes and behaviours naturally flow from this change of underlying structure in your thinking. You will find that you will be much more capable of creating the change you want to see.

This is not the same as having a change in perspective. It is becoming razor clear about a part of reality that was foggy or unknown to you before. This clarity actually changes the underlying structure in your thinking and this produces different outcomes. A chance to change that part of your life that seemed problematic.

What I love about it, is that it is a very clean process. It uses no models and follows no preset process. I will not give you advice or try to change your thinking or perspective or beliefs. It is a lot like very thorough detective work without finding a person to blame.


I start with nothing, create pictures in my mind of your answers to my questions. from which new questions arise. You will have a chance to really thoroughly think things through. And to get out of your head and land into reality. Which is the very best place to create from.

A willingness for honesty is all that you need to bring.

Reality is an acquired taste

Robert Fritz

I am a trainee of the body of work called Structural Dynamics, created by Robert Fritz, working to get certified as a structural consultant. These personal sessions are one aspect of that training. I also facilitate strategic work for businesses and project using Structural Dynamics. Creating the easiest way to your goal, Skills for Change for entrepreneurs and business teams. As long as I am in training you can benefit from very interesting fees.

What people say about a structural thinking session

I have been a therapist for 15 years but I never knew this was inside me. Nor that a similar thing could be happening in my clients.

After our session it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. In the days after my new insight in why I could be so uncertain were tested a few times. I noticed I made different choices, choices that I would not have made before but that I fully agreed with. My work week became much nicer immediately and my fear of not getting enough clients, did not come true. On the contrary, I landed some new clients that I really look forward to working with! Thanks Leonie!
Ilse Vinck

In this game of questions and answers I became clear about assumptions I unconsciously had that were in battle with reality. It was very liberating. I noticed how my ideas about ‘moral duty’ were keeping me prisoner and kept me from creating what I desire. Deep rooted ideas showed up and were shown to be no match for reality. Leonie only asked me questions so I could see the inconsistencies for myself. What got liberated is life energy.
Of course it was confronting but Leonie didn’t judge. She showed me how I can better use my attention and energy than by fighting inner battles. That awareness is valuable and it has brought me freedom and courage.

Ton Bil

You asked me the right questions which made me reach my own insights. I had some judgements towards myself and our conversations made it clear for me that my trouble had been trying to make those judgements go away. I did that because I thought it needed to be done in order to be able to be successful in starting up my own business. That was a really big Aha! moment for me. I was so afraid these judgements were true. Now I see what can happen if I give up the fight. Understanding this has created space and eased the pressure to conform to the image I felt I needed to present to the world. I realise now what self love actually is and that in my case I don’t have to do things to get it but simply stop doing certain things.
Evi Remmerswaal

This really was a gift!

I wonder why I never have been asked some of the questions that you asked me? I have sure done enough therapy and personal development work.

I feel so much lighter now around my topic.

Digital Decision Making

Do you have a decision to make and are you ready to be be decided and spend your time on executing from that decisiveness? Then let me walk you through a process which will end with you being fully decided in 15 to 30 minutes.

Digital Decision Making seems almost magical to people I work with but it actually is not. All we do is create clarity around the hierarchy of the elements that are part of your choice. At the end of the process I can tell you what you are going to decide, it has become that obvious.

We could also call it Value Based Decision Making because that’s what it does: it creates insight into what is most important to you. Weighing pro’s and cons unfortunately does not do the trick or it takes forever and takes up brain space while you walk around with the unmade choice in the back of your head. Let’s get it over with, ok?

What people say about Digital Decision Making

I find it stunning. I realise slowly how astonishing it is to find out, wow, this factor is really not a factor, and this one is very important indeed. Glad you took the time after the decision. You showed a lot of skill to ‘massage’ me a bit and help me land in the decision.
Karen Gerritsen – Option Support

At first it felt rather rational. But during the process the slight slowly went on in my brain and I started to see what mattered most to me in the situation. I was very surprised to get such a clear result because my decision was rather complex. And in such a short time! Clarity and efficiency is what I got. Very valuable.
Estée Makampo

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