A highly focussed – 3 people – online training

Razor sharp clarity on:

  • the outcome you envision;
  • the reality you are working with;
  • what matters most to you;
  • and how to move from here to there in the easiest way,

that is what you will get out of this training. We clear away the fog and what remains are the bare bones, solidly grounded in reality, your vision and your values. From this clarity, the design of the easiest way to your goal emerges naturally. There is one condition for this outcome to be yours after the training and that is:

Is this you?

Your aspirations and skills have joined in that place where you are ready to Make It Happen : Creating that organisation or project which you see (and love) on your horizon. 

Or maybe your business needs a re-orientation towards a client group that you can actually enjoy, or it is ready to be taken to a (more) professional level.

So ready is the first thing that you are. 

Clear is the second. You have moved out of the vague vision stage into clear (enough) practical waters. Sure, it wouldn’t hurt to fine-tune your goal (which we will do) but you generally do know what you are after.

The third thing you have is a love for natural movement. Working with the forces of nature, like ‘mother’ structure. Becoming fluent in intentionally adapting to all the forces that we can’t control. Skills for change.

womens bodies

If that’s you then, hello my colleague-creator-for-change!

My job is to make it as easy as possible for people to create those living organisms for change that they envision. Change in their own work or change for our wider beautiful and messy world. I love this job and I am also an official trainee of it. Which means I build my skill without yet charging the full monty for it. (opportunity alarm!) And while paying forward these effective and simple skills of creating I get to experiment with offering them in a group setting.

At the end of this training you will have created this :

  • your plan of action
  • built through the structure of the path of least resistance
    • you know, the least possible amount of friction, mess, conflicting needs
  • increased clarity on what your offer will be
    • who you are creating it for
      • and the magic of the match between the two
  • razor sharp insight in your current resources and lack thereof: 
    • also called current reality
  • a dynamic, alive form to help you deal with the changes in current reality as you move towards your goal
    • which caters to your unique circumstance, your life and your preferences in how to get things done
  • the skill to manage any future creation you want to bring into being
  • a tool which helps you to actually enjoy this whole freaking adventure of creating for change!
This is not about the need to have goals. It is just that if you do have a goal, it is good to understand what principles guide your chances of making it happen or not. Nor is this about joining the rat race of improving yourself. If anything, your creation will have much better chances of success if you manage to get yourself out of its way. Paradoxically enough, this is also not about becoming successful! Reality is that you will only know if you can create what you want to create once you have created it. (I know, that sucks) Nor is this about learning about the do’s and don’ts of being an entrepreneur. I will share (if need be) what I learned from nine years of being an entrepreneur in the fields of marketing and finance but our main focus will be on building the underlying structure. This IS about marrying reality with vision. From this marriage comes a baby, whom you will love dearly and who will drive you crazy as well sometimes. The name of the baby is Action, your movement towards your goal.

Design the easiest way to your goal - Skills for Creating Change

So I promise you …. no rules that choke your intuition, no fixed formula that slowly kills your motivation, no need to change how you think, feel or am, no burn-out in the middle or at the end of it. I promise you .. the chance to become an even more skilled maker and a shaper of change.

The inspirations behind this course

Robert Fritz
The main part of this training comes from Robert Fritz’s body of work around structural thinking and the principles of creating, of which I am a trainee, working to get certified. Books: The Path of Least Resistance for Managers, Your Life as Art, Identity -why it doesn’t matter what you think about yourself

Design the easiest way to your goal - Skills for Creating Change

Nature / physics
I love the way many great thinkers that have inspired me, as does Robert, look at how things work in nature in order to learn from and implement it in their own lives and businesses. Thus creating works and movements that work with the greater whole.

Sustainability in action!

How is the training structured?

This training is about doing while you learn and learning while you are doing. Doing The Thing Itself. Designing the easiest way to your goal. At the end of it your are good to go and probably have already jumped into action.

1. There are 5 online meetings. (time investment: 2- 3 hours each) 
2. There are 4 assignments which you execute in the time between meetings. (time investment: 1-2 hours each)

  • We meet and work 4 weeks in a row. One meeting + one assignment each week.
  • Then we meet again in the 8th week for a redesign session.
  • And then you get one free ticket to a group Redesign session which helps you to further cement your skills

These are the groups for the first half of 2021:

Group 2021-02: Friday April 16, 23, 30, May 7

Group 2021-03 Friday June 11, 18, 25, July 2

Design the easiest way to your goal - Skills for Creating Change

There are a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 participants, creating and learning together and from each other. A way to build meaningful relationships with co-creators for change.
Language: English or Dutch, depending on the participants.

If the group has only 2 people I will shorten the lenght of the sessions and turn 4 sessions into 3. That’s because we wont’ need as much time. If there are 4 particpants I will lengthen the sessions according to need.

What is the investment money wise?

For this training I need fully committed people who will only skip a meeting when their house burns down or their kid gets really ill (so to speak). People who are prepared to do the homework. The training is really condensed so if you skip a meeting or an assignment, it is going to be hard to catch up.

I am building up my fee to what this training is actually worth (thinking about € 500 – € 750). But you are in luck because I am not there yet since I myself am still in training! Each facilitation gives me a better perspective on what I want to ask for this. Right now I charge € 300 (excl VAT) + your testimonial + your answers to a few questions which helps me improve this training.

If you have done all the meetings and all the homework and haven’t gotten anything out if it, I will gladly refund your money. (but I would be very surprised to be asked to do this!)

Sharing privilege and creating global change

If your project creates change on the level of social equality and environmental sanity than I am extra happy to have you onboard. That happiness translates into a 50% reduction to the fee!

I am super happy and excited to facilitate this impactful work and to have you onboard ! Feel free to share this information with anyone who might be interested.

If you are excited and want to know more or apply for participation :

What other people say about this work

Working with you over the last four months has indeed been very helpful – to our business advisory firm as well as to me, personally.

The clarity of direction and the insights that emerged for immediate action, with committed timelines aligned & energised both Zahira & me.

We are now sharply focused on realising the best possible outcomes for White Spaces, mainly thanks to:  

  • your meticulous pre-work for our follow-through sessions,
  • your non-judgemental listening & playback during sessions, and
  • cross-checks for consistency & completeness you mindfully ran before wrap-up.

We are grateful for your guidance and support in this crucial journey.
Jyotirmoy Bose and Zahira Crasta – Founder and consultants at White Spaces consulting – India

I am grateful to have walked through the Structural tension Charting process with Leonie at such an early stage in starting up as an entrepreneur. Now I have a super base to work with. Vision, values, talents and resources have been mapped and at the same time I have a practical action plan. It gives me a safe feeling in the midst of starting this new thing. Thank a lot!
Sarah Licher-Severs – NL

I want to say thank you a whole bunch for being a wonderful support and offering your skills towards my vision to bring this beautiful organisation into existence. I did more work on my chart this weekend and feeling really great and more affirmed about what is ahead. And current reality is feeling way less of a barrier and more of “it just is what it is” and here’s a way to work from or around that to still propel forward. I appreciate you lots.
Misty Wilson – USA, is building an organisation which gives disadvantaged people a second chance, while having a full time job and two teen kids to raise alone

Recommended for those who seek clarity and focus. This method works very well if you can’t choose and can’t see the forest for the trees.
Lian Li – NL

I am really happy with this. I have the feeling it’s effortless now. I know it’s not, I work hard but the struggle around it is gone. It even gives me energy now. At first I tended to squeeze myself into the mall of my plan and consider it a failure if I had not done a certain action step. Now I know I can and must always adapt my plan to me, to what is realistic and desired by me in the new moment. Because of this I actually reached my goal faster!
Ilse Vinck – NL – she built, in three months, a new (enjoyable) client group while keeping a steady income, while also being a new single mom of two small ones

This text is inspired by Robert Fritz body of work structural dynamics of which I am a trainee. That work makes the most of the fact that outcomes are determined by the underlying structure. Both in business and our personal lives. If we are faced with undesired outcomes we can redesign the underlying structure. If we are creating something new we have the best chance of success if we design the structure to support our goal. Clarity, razor sharp clarity, around our vision and our reality is the baseline of both the personal and the business work. From this the how emerges naturally. Here you can read more about structural consulting in general, structural consulting for business teams, for solo entrepreneurs and for individuals.