On this page, somewhere soon in 2020 you will find a series of articles on how to design your project for success.

It is designed for both work and business related as well as personal goals. And for big multiple year plans as well as for small goals.

Step by step you will be guided through the mechanics of creating something you want (while doing it).

The mechanics of creating is something we are not taught in our society. Like most people I was succesfull at creating in some areas of my life and work and not so succesfull in other parts. From this I gathered that I already knew how to do it, only not consciously. After some misadventures I set out to find out how creating actually works and in this series I pay forward what I learned over the past years.

It’s going to be a free resource, available for all who wants it. These times of radical climate change require us to completely redesign our way of being in the world. And for that we need people who understand and can succesfully apply the mechanics of creating. We will need everybodies best work to be able to pass on a habitable world to our children.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

The chapters that I have in mind right now are as following:

  1. Getting change done
  2. How to turn a goal into a plan
  3. About goals
  4. About current reality
  5. About the action plan
  6. Managing conflict
  7. Know your numbers – counting is key
  8. The moneys
  9. Problem solving versus creating
  10. Forecasting
  11. Time
  12. Redesign
  13. Reality
  14. Creation = action = not me
  15. Untamed creation
  16. The full picture

I am eager to start writing. However, right now (end of 2019) is the time for me for step 12, redesign. 2019 needs to be mined for treasure in the form of lessons and successes, in order for 2020 to have a firm groundwork to start building on. So I compromised with my eagerness by writing this little intro and now I am back to mining for treasure.