Hello to my international guests.

Most of these website’s Dutch pages are about my day to day work. However, I am also a trainee of the creative process or structural dynamics (by US based Robert Fritz). It’s essentially about becoming effective creators of whatever it is we want to create, in our business, work or life. (I facilitate (mostly free) sessions to develop my skills, read on if you are interested!)

Structural dynamics is both revolutionary and deeply grounded. Grounded in reality, our values and the laws of nature. Revolutionary in that it gives the obvious, most natural thing in the world back to us. That which has been right under our nose all time but which we overlooked due to our conditioning of thinking in terms of problem solving and our tendency to jump into action without being clear about our starting point.

It has been and still is ahead of its time in that it negates the emphasis our society places on personal development, changing our beliefs, positive thinking, solving problems, fixing our issues. None of that in Fritz’s body of work. The underlying structure is what causes both our unwanted as our desired behaviours. And stepping into the right structure that allows for the easiest way to our goal is a learnable skill.

Yes, becoming successful creators is a learnable skill. It’s a muscle you can train.
And not learnable as in having the right commitment, the perfect mindset, the appropriate attitude. In creating it doesn’t matter what you think about yourself. (Robert Fritz, Identity – why it doesn’t matter what you think about yourself)

The easiest way to your goal is also the human way. The way that fits you. The way that centralizes your values so that you have solid ground to stand on. The way that works with the laws on nature. It might still be a lot of hard work you need to do but the amount of conflict you encounter can be minimised in a very real way.

If this made your curious then I am happy to tell you about a few ways we can maybe join our learning.

As a trainee I develop my structural thinking skills by doing (mostly free) sessions with actual clients in two different ways:

1. Getting personal clarity around a topic

By facilitating sessions with individuals who come to me with a topic they want clarity about. While in training these sessions are free of charge. More about personal sessions here.

2. Clearheaded strategy – design your project for success

By facilitating sessions with (small) organisations in which we design the easiest way to their business goal. While in training I charge a symbolic amount of money for this to make sure people value what they are getting (a lot of my time and result rich learning and doing). Right now I am looking for small teams (2-5 people) to work with. One person businesses I work with on invitation only. More about strategy sessions here.

note June 2020: I am fully booked for the summer now. Will start scheduling new sessions in September again.

Coming up : 10 steps – how to design your project for success.

Articles about social justice and transformation, the climate crisis, menopause and structural thinking written in English

Here’s a link to all the articles I wrote in my best available English language skills. Which are not perfect but they will have to do and have served me well enough so far. One of the hardest thing about the tiny country I live in is NOT crossing a border and finding yourself in another country so I made the choice to (mostly) speak Global. In my blog you can find pieces on social justice and transformation, climate change, the unknowns of womens bodies and menopause in particular, about structural dynamics and there are some experiments with fiction as well (which I love!).

Here is the link to my English LinkedIn profile.


My name is Leonie de Bot (she/her). I live in the Netherlands.

I have a background in freelance facilitation: making it easy for entrepreneurs and (art / non-profit) organisations to reach their goal. Through financial management and content writing mostly. And while sound financial structures and great content that converts to great clients are meaningful aspects of making any business successful, they were just that: aspects of a bigger thing. I saw that often these highly creative and idealistic people lacked something essential that I couldn’t help them with. And that was the actual skill of creating the whole of their project successfully. Often they had old structures in place which, unbeknownst to them worked against their goal. And they lacked clarity with regards to their current reality and desired future reality.

So that’s what I set out to learn. The principles of creating. First for myself and then to pass on to others. 

For the last 2,5 years I have been using Robert Fritz’s principles of creating in my own business and personal goals and I am still astounded by the relative ease with which I now create results all the time and slowly but steadily reach or move towards my goals. Relative ease because I work really hard, that’s simply part of the game.

For the last year I have been enrolled in the Fritz’s certification program and have been teaching this process to other entrepreneurs in one on one sessions, to my practise and their great benefit. And now I am super excited to create a form in which three people can create and learn together. Preferably people who share my dream of creating a world with healthy structures for living and creating together, with each other, with the natural world and as human beings individually as well.

Skills for shaping change

Slowly but steadily something is emerging. An understanding about the role that best fits me and what I want to aim it at. Facilitation for change. Skills for shaping change. Facilitating people who do the front line transformation work to become skillful change workers.

Here is a bit of info about why and whith whom I am studying.