White people assume niceness is the answer to racial inequality. It’s not | Robin diAngelo

How to respond to “riots never solve anything!

White People: I Want You To Understand Yourselves Better by @IjeomaOluo

A list of resources for white people

Books – non fiction

Pleasure activism by adrienne maree brown
How to make activism the most pleasurable thing there is. Also about sex, a lot. And all kinds of queerness. And sex workers. This book goes from poetry to an academic piece to interviews. She expands my mind in so many ways I can only deal with her one or two chapters at a time.

Books – fiction

Reading speculative fiction has taught and given me so much. Especially when I happened into the master writers who are actually game changers in more ways then I can ever thank them for. Reading them is the difference between reading a well written story and reading a well written story which changes how you see and understand life.

All books by Octavia Butler. She writes afro futurism, sci fi, powerful speculative fiction which shows her deep insight into humanity. A strong voice of social justice and feminism wrapped in extraordinary storytelling talent.

All books by N.K. Nemisin. I could say the same about this woman as I said about Octavia Butler. When she described the curly type of hair that black people have in the case of one of her protagonists I realised how white I had taken my fiction thus far. And I hadn’t even noticed. Now I notice.


Leonie Dawson doing her white homework on racism and white privilege here

Wit huiswerk (white homework –  the website is in Dutch but it refers to many articles websites and podcasts in English as well)

adrienne maree brown’s website
“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”


Olivia Rutazibwa – racisme dient een doel. “Ze wilde gerust professor worden aan de universiteit van Portsmouth. Maar enkel als ze in haar lessen mag aantonen dat ontwikkelingssamenwerking een voortzetting is van ons koloniaal systeem. BAM.

Vandaag is ze professor aan de universiteit van Portsmouth. Terecht. Hoe Olivia racisme, sociale ongelijkheid en onze koloniale geschiedenis aan elkaar verbindt, deed ons hoofd tollen.”

Some resources for white people