In my first tweet about the topic I thought about not only tagging #BlackLivesMatter but #AllLivesMatter as well.

Sweet, innocent, ignorant me.

Because not only did I learn that the all lives matter thing is used by conservative Americans to argue for their crazy idea that abortion should be illegal. But the thing is, our white privilege has already given us the idea that we live in a world where all lives matter, where in fact not all lives matter quite to the same degree. And if we want to dismantle that privilege it means we need to be willing to share that privilege so that it is not a privilege anymore but common practise. And sharing means that we each get the amount it implies that if at first I had more than my share, now I get a little less and if you got less than your share, now you get a little more.

Why all lives matter is not the point

Less men can be in the top jobs in the world if they gave up their male supremacy because there are only so many top jobs and more women means less men.

Giving up on white privilege also means that we need to stop being offended when for once, it is not about us. And it means that we must be willing to not be dealt the cards of playing the hero for once, being in the centre of every story, no matter our good intentions.

So what needs to be said and heard now is that #BlackLivesMatter. Or maybe #QueerLivesMatter or #BIPOCLivesMatter or @IndigenousLivesMatter.

As long as necessary. Until it goes without saying that #AllLivesMatter.