In the past I have tried countless times, and failed just as often, to follow other peoples, self professed experts’, ideas about what is the best way to go about creating something. For me it never worked. I somehow need to do it my way or not at all. And I needed to get fluent in reality .. or so I found out. Many successfulness guru’s aim a person away from reality by focussing on positive thinking, having the right beliefs or mindset. Always good for a quick win and a peak of good feelings but never for lasting results. At least not for me.

Robert Fritz did away with all that to my great relief. His focus is on knowing the distance between where we are now and where we want to go. Only that will bring about the best plan to go from here to there, the path of least resistance to our goal. And to know this distance we need to be fluent in reality (as it changes) and in what we wish to create.

Simple as that.

Not always easy however.

We don’t exactly live in a society which encourages us to be real with ourselves, each other and our circumstances. Quite the opposite. Add to that our biological tendency to move away from pain, discomfort, unhappiness, discomfort and there we have it: the perfect recipe for being open to empty promises.

Over the years life has thought me to really love reality. I don’t always love the direct experience of it in the moment, but I do love becoming more fluent in it and the results that has had on my life: I cannot only create well in those area’s that come easy to me but also in the parts that were always a pain in the ass for me.

Robert Fritz comes from the field of the arts. He says: “The arts are the most successful process for accomplishment in history”. Being a composer and filmmaker himself he has studied the arts intensively and through that found the principles of creation. Which he then went on to apply to organisations and peoples personal lives.

I have been working in the world of the arts for many years and have always had a personal network of people who wished to truly attribute value to the world. And I have found that while these people had clear values of creation, that did not often go together with getting it out there, getting it done and successfully so. So here I am, learning from the master, having tested his work in my own life extensively and paying all of that forward.

Since 2018 I have been working with Robert Fritz’ principles of creating or structural dynamics. In 2019 I have enrolled in their program to become certified as a structural consultant. I love the work. It’s the perfect marriage between reality and its practicalities on the one hand and vision, creative power and intuition on the other hand. Or between being a conscious creator, the driver of the car and being an adventurer, finding your way as you go, being open to what comes.

I haven’t met its like yet. Many work on goals and successfulness is aimed at the person and aimed at action and at mindset or having the ‘right’ beliefs. Not Robert’s work. It’s skill based, free of you needing to think or be any different than you already do and are, and free of “10 golden rules that will guarantee …”. Free of rules actually. Nothing that can choke your own way of doing things. No more loss of motivation or needing to think positively or becoming more committed or having to fix yourself first of low self esteem. Becoming an effective creator is a learnable skill. It frees people up from being in their own way.

My job is facilitation, making change as easy as possible for others. I have been in that role in all phases of my different careers and I keep refining it because I simply love it. Along with my understanding of the creative process I bring years of experience in writing, marketing, business finance and creating insight through numbers.

It would be awesome if in time I can share this work with the field of children’s education. How I would love to see kids step into the adult world with a sense of direction and the skills to go and create what they envision. Our world sure can use kids like that. And it would spare them from the wide spread illnesses which come from not being able to be express our human given powers of creation.
I also would love to be able, with this work, to help close the gap between people who have and people who have not. Because I think a lot of our current days misery and systemic incompetence comes from that inequality, including climate breakdown.

If all this resonates with you I’d love to be in touch!

Here are my website pages in English if you want to know more about me.

This work of structural dynamics consultancy translates into:

  • sessions with individuals about a topic they want clarity about
  • and into sessions with people pulling projects or businesses wanting to design the easiest way to their goal.

On this page you will find flyers for both the sessions for individuals as well as for project sessions.